Pay-Offs and Take-Ups for processing lines

Pay- Offs And Take-Ups For Processing Bead Wire Line, Galvanized Wire.

Electroplated & Welding Wire. Manual, Semi Automatic & Fully Automatic Cnange Over For Reels And Coils

Vertical Take-Ups With V-Groove Capstans With Multiple Wrapping And Pattern Laying For Galvinize Wire

Options available for V-Groove stationary capstan Take – Ups with multiple wrapping and pattern laying for Galvanize Line
• Bolted Frame - reduce the cost of shipping
• Dual life for each capstan
• Remote control adjustment of the cast and helix
• Permanent position of the Pattern Laying unit makes comfortable loading and unloading of   the spider.

Spool Pay-Offs & Take-Ups For Processin Galvanize Wire Line

Spool Pay-Offs & Take-Ups For Processing Bead Wire Line With Semi - Automatic Change Over Of The Reel

Spool Pay-Offs & Take-Ups For Processing Bead Wire Line With Double Block Accumulators On The Take-Ups

Double Block Robotic Accumulator For Fully Automatic Change Over On Processing Lines For Spool Pay-Offs And Take-Ups

One robotic double block accumulator replaces up to 24 double block installed on each Take-Up.

Nako Bead Wire Line-YouTube

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